Fonseca is a family-owned company founded in 1954. Our main objective is to make the best quality leather. To achieve this, we continuously invest in research and development and employ the best technology. Our mission is to develop sustainable policies and strategies.

With nearly 60 years of experience, Fonseca is one of the leading manufacturers of finished and semi-finished cowhide leather in Argentina for the automotive, footwear, clothing and leather goods segments, among others.

The excellence of our products is widely recognized across the world. We are leaders in all business segments in which we work. Furthermore, we supply large companies across the world that appreciates our strength, flexibility, reliability and extensive product range.

Our modern industrial plant and company headquarters are located in a 70,000 sq m area of Lanús Este, Buenos Aires Province. The tannery is equipped with the best available technologies in terms of production and environmental sustainability.



Federico Tentler Da Fonseca established Fonseca with the aim of exporting cattle by-products from Argentina to Europe.



Fonseca becomes one of the largest exporters of special fibers such as the angora and mohair used in the textile industry as well as horsehair and pig bristles used in the brush and insulating industries. The company embarks in the wool commerce for the processing of rugs and builds its first warehouse.



Fonseca partners with Gebr. Salomon and enters new markets in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, former Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, and the People's Republic of China.)
By the mid- 1970s the company is one of the largest Argentine exporters of cowhide leather, both dry and salted.



In 1982, Fonseca enters the leather market through the acquisition of the tannery Alarcón in the Wilde Province of Buenos Aires. In the same year, it links with B.V. Transmarinde in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Through this strategic alliance, it establishes a strong foothold in the footwear markets of Eastern European countries.
In 1983, after the acquisition of another tannery in Wilde, Province of Buenos Aires to enter the market for leather clothing.
In 1985 a strategic alliance is made with the company Natuzzi (Italy) and the company starts producing leathers for residential upholstery on a large scale. Together with Leather's Best, Fonseca opens new offices in Hong Kong and enters the sports footwear market.



Fonseca enters the automotive upholstery market. In 1995 Fonseca acquires the tannery Coplinco in Lanús, Province of Buenos Aires and in the following year builds a leather finishing plant and becomes a supplier to BMW.
In 1999 a joint venture with Eagle Ottawa LLC is established for automotive leather finishing and cutting. A new partnership called Eagle Ottawa-Fonseca is formed.



In partnership with Eagle Ottawa, Fonseca expands in the automotive leather industry. Major automobile OEMs such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Audi, and Honda become important customers.
In 2001 Fonseca sets up in North Carolina in the name of South American Leather Inc. to work in the domestic USA furniture upholstery market.



In 2011, through a commercial relationship with Celyeur in 2011 Fonseca establishes a presence in Dongguan, China to supply the worlds largest footwear market.



Fonseca supplies the automotive, footwear, clothing, and handbag leather industries. It supplies finished and semi-finished leather. Its products are exported to over 20 countries such as the USA, Mexico, China, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.