We are committed to the future care of the environment and people's quality of life. Our objective is to use the best available technologies to reduce our own environmental impact.

  • ISO 14001:2015 (Certificado N° 01 10406 1427652)
    "Manufacturing of splits and cattle hides grain crust and / or finished leather for the automotive industry, furniture, garment, shoe and leather good industries. Production of tallow for industrial use"

    "Category C -Raw hides to finished leather".

  • Environmental and Energy Policy

    Revision: March 2021

    We have established and adopted an Environmental & Energy Policy based on:

    - Optimize the production processes in order to protect the environment, prevent contamination and protect the natural resources for future generations by means of reducing the environmental impacts of their processes and products, and focusing in the responsible energy use.

    - Establish and review periodically the environmental and energy goals, focused on reaching the continuous improvement in the environmental and energy performance of the organization.

    - Be aware and comply with national, provincial and municipal environmental normative that apply to the organization, as well as the legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to the energy uses and efficiency.

    - Train and make aware in all level of the organization, as well as the suppliers, about the importance of prevention of the contamination, environmental preservation, and the responsible use of energy and the energy efficiency.


    We see ourselves as an organization committed to the environment, which contributes in many different ways to a better life for all the people we work with including employees, neighbors, social organizations and so on.

    In this context, we have undertaken several initiatives aimed at stimulating human development. The company has invested in education, promotion of entrepreneurship and strengthening local community institutions.

    Supporting the local community

    When the company moved to Lanús Este in 1995 we started getting involved with local community programmes in schools, clubs and with an organization promoting local development as well as other organizations.

    Due to a financial crisis that affected Argentina in 2001, schools accepted the role of providing nutritional supplements to students with the purpose of helping families. Fonseca assisted local schools and the community by supporting soup kitchens. We created a synergy between the two organizations allowing mothers to take their children to the closest dining room to their local school.

    Over the years we have aligned our actions to support local institutions to build a network, which helps the local community. After many challenges today the network is fully up and running and we continue to support it.


    There are many abandoned factory units in the surroundings of Lanús, which became run-down and occupied by homeless people during the crisis of 2001. At this time a part of the population became marginalized caused by housing problems and poverty.
    Unemployment became a serious issue and many families became reliant on social programmes. Unemployment particularly hit many young people as they were working without a proper contract or given any social security entitlements.
    Fonseca worked with a number of local organizations, which promoted work experience and allowed people to expand their knowledge. There are a number issues that had to be tackled. These are some of the major problems:
    a. The fragmentation of social support between different organizations.
    b. An absence of community leaders’ to provide training.
    c. A lack of dialogue between the various Team leaders.
    d. Practices centered on social assistance intervention.

    The company actively collaborates with a range of projects in the local community.

    Project "Our school" 11 years of providing education support to our workers

    Due to the economic crisis of 2001, we focused on what we could do to help our workers face the economic reality by offering them the chance to learn new skills. The most important thing was education, which allows better social inclusion as well as freedom of thought and criticism.

    In 2003, we launched the program "Our school" to give our workers the opportunity to complete primary and secondary education. We created a pleasant and accessible space within our premises, which offered a high level of training. The qualifications awarded to the ones who completed their studies is a technical high school degree.

    Project results:

    After 11 years we have had 117 graduates and Fonseca is the only tannery with its own school in Argentina.


    Entramados ("Framework") project

    This project was carried out from 2010 to August 2013 with the participation of grassroots organizations, two professional bodies, two clubs and 16 entrepreneurs. The project was developed through an alliance between Fundación Alternativa 3, Fundación EPyCA and Fonseca.
    Entramados is a local program aimed at improving social activities and creating networks that supports community cohesion and improves local services. This project supported communities in Lanús, Quilmes, Avellaneda, Lomas de Zamora and La Boca.

    The company sought to develop an efficient and enterprising social sector able to create social change that would improve the environment and people's living standards.

    Project results:

    - Creation of a bond of trust and joint working between community organizations.
    - Strengthening the framework to improve social cohesion.
    - Training for community representatives through education.
    - Collective development of innovative and integrated responses to complex local territorial issues.
    - 44 organizations took part in this project strengthening the governance of four local communities. One local publication for learning was established as a useful community resource.


    Micro credit project

    This project was carried out between 2009-12 supported by Fonseca in conjunction with Fundación Alternativa 3, Club Unión and the local neighborhood.

    The aim was to provide the neighborhood with opportunities for financing and through Alternativa 3 the establishment of a Micro Credit program with a joint guarantee to improve housing and self-employment.

    Projects results:

    Provided funding $352.000 allowing 102 people to access the funding. 209 loans for businesses and 48 home loans supported through the project.


    Institution Development Program

    This project took place between 2008-09. The project involved social organizations, schools and health centers located close to the Company in East Lanús and Avellaneda.

    Our objectives were to support community organizations by making, implementing and evaluating social projects and provide support for formal and informal education of children and adolescents, through alliances between two or more organizations in the area. Working was geared towards improving living conditions and transforming the local environment.

    Project results:

    23 organizations involved in the project with six directly financed projects. Over 400 individuals supported through this project.


    Our first projects

    “What do we eat?” “Opening pathways” “Art and health” and “Radio project” are some of the projects we have implemented at schools and clubs of our community. The first one aimed to improve teaching and learning of natural science. The second one’s objective was to strengthen the role of reading for students. The third one sought to create learning spaces and contained environments during out-of-school hours, so that children would make full use of their free time, and the fourth one aimed to create a contained environment and provide capacity building for adolescents and young adults.